Explore the Ethical Principles of Yoga

Begins January 11, 2021

In Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, there are 8 limbs to the path of yoga - and asana (physical shapes) is the third step! In this 10 class series, we will explore the Yamas and Niyamas, steps one and two from the Yoga Sutras. By discovering ways to embody yoga’s ethical guidelines into our lives, we can integrate yoga both on and off the mat.

A new class will be available each week, consisting of a 15-20 minute lecture followed by an asana practice that is themed around each Yama and Niyama. Participants will also be provided with journal prompts and reflective questions to ponder.

Course Outline

Week 1- Ahimsa

Non-Violence: We will explore subtle forms of violence that we often inflict on ourselves and begin to develop a practice of deep appreciation and love towards ourselves through a non-violent practice. Focus will be on how we move on the mat translating to how we move through life.

Week 2- Satya

Truthfulness: We will explore the importance of being truthful and the impact not being truthful has on our lives, then will dive into the lies that we tell ourselves that may not seem as obvious or important, but are actually detrimental to our growth and healing.

Week 3- Asteya

Non-Stealing: We will explore how stealing and taking what isn't our sends mixed signals to the Universe about what we deserve in our life. This week will be about karmic repercussions and how to manifest the life we want without taking what isn't ours.

Week 4- Brahmacharya

Moderation: We will explore the law of diminishing returns, which is an economic concept that says too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. We will talk about how to get the most enjoyment from life by consuming and doing what we love in moderation and avoiding obsession.

Week 5- Aparigraha

Non-Greed: We will explore the idea of need vs. want when it comes to our things, and dive into the idea of non-attachment in our relationships. We will talk about jealousy and letting go of worrying for others and trusting people to live their own lives so we can focus on living ours with love and peace.

Week 6- Saucha

Cleanliness/Purity: We will explore a few areas of cleanliness starting with the most obvious and working towards the most subtle. Clean living/working space, purity of the body, purity of the mind, purity in relationships, and purity of content we consume.

Week 7- Santosha

Contentment: This week we will explore being okay with where we are right now. We will talk about how to go about noticing the high/low pattern that life can take on and how to bring it closer to the middle ground where contentment is the norm. This week will be focused on gratitude.

Week 8- Tapas

Discipline: This week we will explore a softer approach to discipline than what is traditionally seen in the modern world. We will work on finding a deeper motivation for discipline other than physical appearance. This week, discipline becomes an act of deep self love.

Week 9- Svadhyaya

Self-Study: This week we will talk about getting to know ourselves. Our likes, our dislikes, our triggers, our comforts, our patterns, and our tendencies. Using journal prompts, making lists, studying astrology, and self-talk, students can get to know themselves like they would get to know a friend, and then treat themselves as such.

Week 10- Isvara-pranidhana

Surrender: This week, we will learn to go with the flow. Especially in 2020, crazy shit comes up and for a lot of it, there isn't much we can do. Our initial reaction can be to panic and stress, but all that does is puts us in a state of dis-ease, which can make things worse. This restorative practice will encourage students to surrender to the moment, surrender to life, and surrender to the bigger picture.

Meet Kelsey Niederer

Kelsey (she/they) is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor with training in trauma-informed yoga and meditation. They specialize in deep-stretch yoga and yoga for pain management, and love to teach people who are new to yoga. In their classes they like to incorporate teachings from astrology, and really focus on the importance of developing a kind and loving relationship with yourself.

Choose a Pricing Option

We are committed to making this education financially accessible to all, which is why we offer tiered pricing for each session. Choose which fits your budget. If cost is the only thing that would keep you from participating in a series that interests you, please contact us for scholarship options.