Course Overview and Schedule

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Finally! A place to look beyond asana to explore yoga as philosophy. Consider this like a "book club," where we will over time explore a variety of different texts and key concepts within each one.

In this first installation of Yoga Philosophy Club, we will explore the story of the Bhagavad Gita. The three philosophical concepts we will explore from this text are; dharma (purpose/justice), karma (action), and the three gunas (qualities of nature).

Each session will include a 15 minute presentation of the topic, followed by group discussion and Q&A, and ending with a guided meditation.

These sessions will take place live via Zoom, and be recorded to revisit anytime.

Live Sessions:

  • Monday, December 7th - 6pm-7:15pm
  • Tuesday, December 8th - 6pm-7:15pm
  • Thursday, December 10th - 6pm-7:15pm