About this Series

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This series will occur live on Monday evenings from September 14 through November 2, 2020. Login to participate live from 6 - 7pm.

Join Yoga Instructor and Trauma Therapist, Gladys Smith,PsyD, for an eye-opening 8-week online series that will focus on yoga, social justice and cultural compassion for self and community healing. This class will include: Somatic tools, Mudras, Meditations, and Asanas that assist in trauma recovery of all types, and will be taught in an all-levels modality. Attendees of all levels are welcome to enjoy the series in its entirety or dro p in lesson-to-lesson. Grab your yoga mat (or a large towel will do) – physical practice, completive work, and discussion will be a part of each week’s session.

Suggested book resources (not required for participation):

  • The Body Remembers, Babette Rothschild
  • Skill in Action, Michelle Johnson
  • The Racial Healing Handbook, Anneliese Singh

Waiver:  In participating in this online event, you assume the risk of yoga practice and release your instructor, Yoga Buzz and its employees, volunteers, agents, and assigns (the “Released Parties”) from any liability claim resulting from taking part in any live, written or recorded yoga instruction. You expressly assume the risk of injury and damages and will indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties as to any claims for injury and damage, including physical or emotional injury.