Meet Your Instructor

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Dr. Smith is a therapist that specializes in trauma, anxiety, depression and addiction. She has served 27 years in the United States Navy, as a Hospital Corpsman /Medic; serving abroad and in the United States. She is a veteran of The Gulf War, Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Iraq Freedom, and the Iran War. Gladys was introduced to yoga while serving the Republic of the Philippines, and has practiced in Thailand, Iceland, Guam, and Hong Kong. She obtained her Yoga Teacher Training in 2013, and is completing for 500 level presently. Gladys uses yoga and somatic practices to help clients on a healing journey in her therapy practice. She has been a trainer and educator for over 20 years on topics to include wellness and trauma, mental health and racial disparity and racial trauma. She is an Equity trainer for Warriors at Ease and works presently at Washington University School of Medicine as a Trauma therapist and Sexual Assault Advocate. She has a private practice in Clayton, MO, serving Telehealth and in person clients. Dr. Smith has volunteered for the American Red Cross for 20 years and is a volunteer for the Veterans Health Administration of St. Louis, MO.

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