Introduction: Start Here!

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This 6-minute video will help support you in getting your space set up for a cozy Restorative Yoga practice!

Welcome to your Yoga Buzz #stayathome Digital Retreat Kit*!

Before you get started

Props checklist

  • comfortable clothing (pajamas are perfect!)
  • warm socks
  • a bolster (or two bed pillows wrapped in a blanket)
  • two or three blankets
  • at least two small pillows or yoga blocks
  • any additional pillows, cushions, stuffed animals that will make you more comfortable
  • a washcloth or eye pillow 

Set the mood

If possible, do whatever you can to set the mood for your practice. Think of ways you can make your environment as soothing and calming as possible. That might include:

  • tidying your space
  • dimming the lights
  • burning some candles
  • putting your phone on “do not disturb”
  • taking a bath or shower
  • putting on your favorite lotion
  • make yourself a cup of your favorite tea
  • whatever you can do that makes you feel relaxed
  • grab a journal or piece of paper and a pen to make time to jot down thoughts before and/or after your practice

Choose Your Own Adventure

We've curated a collection of chill yoga and meditation practices from our YouTube page to add to the hour-long Restorative Yoga practice. Pick and choose what you'd like, what fits your schedule, and suits your mood!

Each pre-recorded session is listed with the length of the practice, so you can plan out your morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend.

*The #stayathome Digital Retreat Kit was originally created in April 2020 as a thank you for our very first 20 supporters on Patreon.

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